Advice From the Drivers

Know Your Location!!!

Hi guys, Travis here.  I’m the owner of Storm Towing and one of the guys’ biggest pet peeves is when y’all are on the side of the road and don’t know where you’re at.  

My advice is to look for mile markers or exit signs and pass that info on to the driver.  If no signs are around, try to drop a pin in GoogleMaps and send the driver the GPS info.  It will make their arrival time quicker and you will get a much happier driver. 

Travis M.


People NEVER NEVER NEVER pull to the median (inside shoulder, left shoulder). You see it all the time, not enough people slow down and move over in the slow lane. It's MUCH worse in the fast lane. Your wheel is worth less than YOUR life or Our Roadside Hero's. 

If you have no other option, call the police and ask for an officer to come out and slow traffic for everyone's safety.

Drivers Wife's and Families


WE HAVE FLASHING LIGHTS FOR A REASON...we are trying to help someone get to a safe location off the road. I may have to work on the traffic side of my truck. Please be respectful, we have families too. TOW LIVES MATTER!!!!

Zach T.

Be Patient

Odds are, you’re not the only call I’ve had today, so PLEASE BE PATIENT.  I’m on my way and will be there as fast as I can.  I help many people every day and am always in a hurry.  If there are any delays, I will call with an update.  Always happy to help. 

Fide V. 

Answer You'r PHONE

 If you use your Roadside Assistance Coverage, expect a call from a phone number not saved to your phonebook.  More than likely, it’s your  Roadside Assistance provider. 


Stay in your car I GOT THIS

Hey, unless I ask for your help, Please stay in your vehicle or mine. I'm already watching traffic to make sure I don't get hit. It's hard to make sure you're safe as well. People Im the PRO. I GOT THIS