Storm's Tow Pros

Fidencio "Fide" V.

Fide is the best in the business.  With over 20 years of experience, Fide is the reason our guys are the industry’s ultimate Tow Professionals.  Based out of our McQueeney location, if you’re lucky enough to get Fide, know that your vehicle is riding with the best in the business!

Zach T.

Odds are, Zach has already made a friend out of you over the phone.  Not only is he our Manager and an experienced Tow Operator, but he also handles some of our dispatching.  Don’t forget, dynamite comes in a small package.  He is your Storm Pro in Huntsville. 

Byron "B-Greazy" G.

Our lead driver in Victoria, he gets his nickname from being a super smooth operator.  This Storm Pro can load anything on his truck, including boats, lifted trucks and some of the highest end cars.  Trust in Byron, he is truly making it look EASY! 

Mike Hobbs

 Though he is our newest operator, this guy has proven himself already.  He is just a “good ol’ country boy” that is honestly there to help out and truly cares that you’re out of harm’s way and comfortable.  Expect great service from this Victoria Storm Pro.